Night Deposit Bag Auditing & Safety

Simplify administration, tracking and safety of night deposit bags
Mesh Systems Night Deposit Bag Auditing & Safety solution for financial institutions and their customers is an end-to-end tracking platform that uses off-the-shelf Bluetooth Low Energy beacons to track the location of night drop bags and pouches, and keep customers apprised of their status, more rapidly respond to issues, and optimize operations by consistently correlating bags to assigned customers.

Simplifies managing night drop bags

Offers end-to-end monitoring of night drop bags to verify their location and efficiently associate deposited currency, checks, and credit card receipts to bank customers.

Reduces cost of safeguarding deposits

Hastens the identification of delayed, misplaced, switched or stolen night drop bags by tracking and indicating when they’ve left and arrived at specified locations.

Complements financial offerings

Enables banks and other financial institutions to provide a value-added service that is easy to implement and provides increased accountability of deposited funds.