Mesh Systems Invests in Virtualization Technology to Power its M2M and Wireless Sensor Networks

Mesh Systems recently partnered with n|Frame, one of the Midwest’s largest data centers and cloud computing experts, to virtualize its entire IT network infrastructure. This scalable technology solution will facilitate Mesh’s aggressive growth and expansion plans. The company expects to triple revenue, double its engineering staff and expand internationally in 2011.

Mesh has been an n|Frame client since it formed in 2005. For the first four years of its history, Mesh utilized n|Frame’s Indianapolis data center to host its growing farm of development servers. As its applications, network, data throughput and client base expanded, Mesh continued to outsource more technology services to n|Frame. Recently Mesh’s leadership team made the strategic decision to eliminate all capital expenditures associated with network equipment by transitioning to a 100 percent virtual/hosted network environment (also known as cloud computing).

“Going virtual with n|Frame was as much a financial decision as a technology decision,” stated Doug Brune, vice president of operations for Mesh Systems. “This move freed up a significant percentage of our operating capital, which gives us the financial flexibility to focus all of our resources on new product development and customer acquisition. Commercial-grade network hardware is an expensive but necessary evil for any technology-reliant company. Through our partnership with n|Frame, our network and applications are hosted in a bullet-proof environment that offers complete security, system availability and scalability – but with none of the requisite capital investments in equipment.”

n|Frame’s engineering team architected a completely virtual IT environment to host Mesh Systems’ network, applications and data.  It includes a virtual SAN and virtual servers, routers, firewalls and switches. As part of n|Frame’s fully managed virtualization solution, it also provides Mesh with 24/7 network management, system health monitoring, and capacity planning and reporting. This shift in technology strategy has allowed Mesh to convert significant capital investments in IT equipment into an affordable monthly operational cost.

“Our customers expect reliable and fast access to their systems and data 365/24/7,” noted Brune. “This isn’t an easy request to fulfill due to the geographic diversity of our users, their assets and the sheer volume of data being constantly streamed two-ways (from devices in the field to our servers and from our servers back to the remote devices). Our business model doesn’t allow for any single point of failure in data flow, security or accessibility. By leveraging n|Frame’s engineering expertise, scalable hosted network environment and redundant Internet connectivity, we can confidently offer our customers service guarantees. This promise is one of our primary differentiators.”

About n|Frame

Founded in 1995 to provide telecommunications, Internet access and managed technology services, today n|Frame is one of Indianapolis’ largest data centers and IT infrastructure service providers. All of n|Frame’s services are provided from its $30 million, SAS 70 type II compliant, state-of-the-art data center in Carmel, Indiana (north of Indianapolis). Its 40,000 square foot secure facility is accessible by clients and staffed by certified IT engineers 24/7. n|Frame serves companies of all sizes and specializes in data center services, commercial-level Internet broadband access, network management, disaster recovery/business continuity and cloud computing/virtualization services. n|Frame is part of a national network of eight fully-staffed commercial data centers owned by Continental Broadband. These geographically-diverse facilities work together to create a multi-site server, data replication and system deployment solution. To learn more about n|Frame, call 317-805-3759 or visit

Wednesday, February 2, 2011